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Someone in Nigeria’s adult industry is hiring porn actors

If we’ve all agreed that buying Naija to grow the naira is the way to go in 2018, then it should come as no surprise to you that someone in Nigeria’s adult industry has put out an ad for porn actors.

An unnamed pornography firm put out the ad in form of a small graphics card which has been circulating online for a few days.
Depending on your area of interest, this might just be the perfect job opportunity.
Pornography is an art-form that is built around physical desire, and as such, the actors often have to meet very specific parameters.
  Who wants to be a pornstar? (Twitter (@NaijaVirals))

Whoever put out this ad must know exactly what they want, because the list of requirements is as specific as the menu at a four-star restaurant.
The ad states that interested persons must have a “Muscular or Athletic Build”, and must be of ages 18 and above.

What are you bringing to the table?

They must also be good-looking, not camera-shy and should have no previous experience in the adult industry.
If this has you putting two and two together and thinking about what a career in porn might look like for a Nigerian, you might be pleased to know that you won’t be a pioneer in any sense of the word.

The metrics show that Nigerians consume a lot of porn; the most popular free site, Xvideos, has remained among the 10 most visited websites in Nigeria for years.

Kingtblakhoc, Nigeria's porn king and businessman (Instagram)
That appetite was fed by foreign offerings in the past, but recently, some adventurous Nigerians have tried their hands at producing porn in Nigeria, by Nigerians, for Nigerians.

A budding industry

Names like the infamous KingTBlack may come to mind immediately and for good reason. On the other, Free Thinkers Production, a porn production firm run by the man behind the handle @datkindboy on Twitter, has been creating free length videos for two years and counting.
In an August 2017 interview with Pulse, the inspiring entrepreneur says he believes Nigerians are among the biggest consumers of porn on the planet.

He also adds, “ “I believe Nigerian girls won’t mind featuring in a porn movie as long as the pay is good”.
Anyone interested in chasing this ad may be pleased or very dismayed to learn that pay starts from 70,000 naira per scene.
While the entire idea is a bit laughable, it brings to fore our changing attitude towards issues that we once considered through moral lens.
The ad has since gone viral on social media; and while one may be tempted to think it’s because we like bad things, there’s the possibility that 70,000 naira and some screen time may be what one future pornstar wants.

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