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'The creators of Instagram did not create the app for begging' - Uti shades social media beggars

Media personality, Uti Nwachukwu says he's fed up with social media users sliding into his DM on Instagram begging for money.

'I cant be the only one experiencing this though, there are competitions and giveaways online. look for them and join na; he wrote.

Read the rest of his piece below...
Everyone has their own wants and needs and family members and loved ones to take care cant calculate their money for them and assume they have too much money and call yhem stingy or wah o..isit your moneyyyyyy.

You cant assume they have settled all their financial responsibilities! U Should NEVER feel entitled just because you Love and support someone (these are supposed to be unconditional gestures) ..... ALL OF US CAN BEG O! U CAN BE BEGGING FOR MONEY FOR RENT...ME I CAN BEG FOR MONEY TO BUY LAND AND HOUSE !... u need i need a New Car.
Instead of begging, i will work or meet a need , get paid ( EARN IT!) and save up! There are no jobs abi?...That same Bible that most people Quote to beg ALSO says : a mans talent makes him to stand before kings ! ... so think on that.

THERE ARE LEVELS to is unfair for you to expect another person to crack their savings just to help u...If they decide to help you IT IS TOTALLY UP TO THEM AND THEIR SACRIFICIAL PERSONA( these days sef almost all the beggings na scam and lies).... always remeber this....everyone is different and WE ALL HAVE PERSONAL NEEDS AND WANTS!!

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