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African Hustlers Seen Roasting Corn For Survival In Paris, France (Photos)

Some African migrants have taken to their hustling spirits with them abroad after not being able to secure meaningful jobs in Europe. A video currently trending online - shows some African men roasting corns on the streets of Paris, France capital city, in a bid to make ends meet.

According to Obiwest Utchaychukwu who posted the video, the men were spotted hustling at the busy area of Chateau Rouge Barbe and one corn is sold for 50 cent (around N200).

Some online users have reacted to the viral video with some saying this is better than carrying drugs or engaging in illegal business while others have argued that this is embarrassing due to the fact that they can also roast the corn in their respective countries, hence no need to travel abroad for greener pastures.

The Château Rouge area of Paris is regarded as an “African neighbourhood” with various activities going on there.


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