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Gamer Dumps His Supermodel Girlfriend To Focus More On Video Games (Photos, Video)

Gamers have to a great extent been seen as lean or fat geeks who sit in dull rooms and waste their forlorn lives away. Obviously, that is only a stereotype. Call of Duty YouTuber Doug Martin (AKA FaZe Censor) demonstrated that much a couple of years back.

The YouTuber known for his Call of Duty abilities started dating the popular Yanet Garcia, a very popular climate lady from Mexico who became famous online for the way that she is… *ahem*, "blessed by the gods" on her posterior. Their relationship has been exceptionally open as the two have paraded each other off via web-based networking media and Martin himself highlighted her vigorously in his YouTube recordings.

The two were, as the slay mamas would say "#RelationshipGoals" yet some of the time thing don't generally work out. Martin took to his YouTube channel to report that he and Yanet Garcia had broken up … the thinking behind the separation is unbelievably intriguing.

"As you folks can judge by the title, Yanet and I are no longer in an association with each other any longer. So I'm simply going to take it back to the starting extremely snappy. In the event that any of you all don't know Yanet, clearly, is a standout amongst the most delightful ladies on the planet. She's a supermodel. She's super, super celebrated via web-based networking media," said Martin. "We began seeing each other three years back. I flew such a distance out to Mexico to meet this young lady. I thought she was delightful, I needed to find out about this young lady. We wound up dating each other and afterward we wound up getting into an association with each other and afterward we wound up moving in together in New York and we had an incredible time in that loft for that year/18 months, we had such a large number of awesome recollections, such a significant number of terrible recollections like, you know, the highs and the lows."

He at that point dropped the bomb on why the relationship came apart, he said he needs to center around Call of Duty so he can't devote time to her.

"For me to oversee being an expert Call of Duty player, being a rec center shark/competitor, being a YouTuber, making recordings, playing Call of Duty full time, dealing with two mutts, having a house and experiencing remodels, and after that additionally having a sweetheart… It resembles I needed to pick my toxic substance of what I needed to invest my energy and spotlight on. There's solitary 24 hours in multi day, and I simply didn't have room schedule-wise to do everything that I expected to do," he said. "She needs to be a performing artist. I need to be an on-screen character. I need to win a Call of Duty Award Championship. Pursue your fantasies, life is too short. You gotta do what you need throughout everyday life."

I personally won't pass judgment on Martin since he's clearly inconceivably effective and was dating a supermodel however it's unquestionably intriguing to see somebody part ways with such a beautiful lady to seek after computer games. Possibly that is a noteworthy win, perhaps that is the greatest L somebody can take. We'll leave that to you to choose.

Watch the video below:


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