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Many families fall into hardship for different reasons and conditions. Most times help with medical bills on serious and life threatening ailments can be so frustrating and bring about depression for people involved as they may not have the financial capacity to handle the condition. So what can an individual or family do to help someone in need of assistance with fund raising in Nigeria for medical bills?
• Holding an event for fundraising for your cause locally could proffer a solution that can provide an immediate boost to your cause. But this will be a hard challenge due to the funds required for logistics.
• Medical financial assistance proposals from neighborhood: This is another method of fundraising but can often take months to be decided upon, by which time it may be too late for the individual.
Our recommendation:
• Online fundraising platforms in Nigeria like (the GoFundMe of Nigeria) which helps individuals on how to raise money for medical bills in Nigeria can be very useful. Funds can be raised to take care of the health challenged individual using the best crowdfunding platforms in Nigeria. This makes any contribution vitally important with the ability to make an immediate impact on the situation of the individual in need of the health assistance. can be referred to as the GoFundMe alternative platform in Nigeria. Note that you will be providing medical report for verification. Each cause is actually verified at the hospital the fundraiser is admitted.
How it works:
1. Visit (A donation website in Nigeria)
2. Click on Get Started or Start a Fundraiser Cause, complete the form and upload all necessary documentary evidence and picture of the beneficiary. (Do not upload any image that portrays indignity or humiliates the beneficiary)
3. Book a free appointment with for verification and advice
4. Once verified, your cause would be uploaded and donations would be made available.
Pass this message to all those in need of medical assistance and thank me later.
For current causes on their platform: Visit
Their contact details:
 Phone: +234-813-655-6438
Facebook: fundmengofficial
Twitter: @ngfundme
Instagram: @fundmeng
Watsapp: +234-813-916-9359

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