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“I Remain A Member Of APC” - Sen Tejuoso Denounces Reports Stating He Joined PDP

Senator Lanre Tejuoso, the Senator representing Ogun Central in the Red Chamber has denounced reports stating he joined the PDP.

On his Facebook page, less than an hour ago, he wrote “I remain a member of the All progressives Congress (APC) ”

The seemingly confused Senator wrote on his official Facebook page, on 24th July that he left the APC ...following issues he had with the leadership of the party in Ogun State.

He said “My disappointment is with the party at the state level where I, for reasons I am yet to ascertain, have been marginalized from party activities. My relationship with the state party leadership became severed all of a sudden as leaders became wary of associating with me. There is no form of communication between party leaders and myself.”

In a latest report released by the Senator himself, he had again flown his support for the All progressives that he remains a member of the Party.

The Senator, who was shortlisted amongst the lawmakers that decamped to PDP on Tuesday has come out clearly that he never did, he said he was making consultations on which tunnel to turn into. But now, he has finally dashed back to the Party.

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