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Oba Of Benin Visits Olu Of Warri (Photos)

Oba of Benin visits Olu of Warri amidst fanfare and undiluted royalty.
The relationship between these two Kingdoms dates back to 1480AD when the crown prince of Benin Kingdom -Ginuwa 1 came to Warri to meet the warm and gaily composed Itsekiris to found what is referred to as the ANCIENT WARRI KINGDOM.

Oba Gha To Kpe Re...!

Omonoba niedo uku akpolokpolo
Oba Ewuare II the Oba of Benin, home to see his brother Ogbowuru, Afowere Tsewere Ogiame Ikenwoli the Olu of Warri, in Warri Kingdom.

Oba gha tokpere iseeeee!!!!!!

Ogiame! Suooo!!!!!

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