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President Donald Trump Makes First Official Visit To The U.K. (Photos)

* 10,000 police officers have been drafted in to protect him from protests, biggest number since 2011 riots.

* Mr Trump accompanied by 1,000 of own staff plus planes, helicopters and cars including bomb-proof 'Beast'.

President Donald Trump has touched down in Britain for his first official visit.

The US President landed at Stansted Airport on Air Force One and walked off hand-in-hand with First Lady Melania and will meet the Prime Minister and Queen during a four-day red carpet visit.

America's Commander-in-Chief has 1,000 of his own staff in the UK and a giant motorcade led by his bomb-proof Cadillac nicknamed 'The Beast' as well as multiple helicopters including Marine One to fly him around.

The President and his First Lady were met on the tarmac by US Ambassador Woody Johnson and UK Trade Secretary Liam Fox before he was whisked off to Mr Johnson's house near Regent's Park.

Mr Trump was whisked off in US helicopters (Marine-One) to the home of the US Ambassador to the UK in central London.

Heavy-duty Osprey aircraft flown by the US Marine Corp were present at Stansted Airport for Mr Trump's arrival today.

Two Boeing C17 Globemaster US Air Force planes delivered part of the Presidential Motorcade at Prestwick Airport, South Ayrshire, ahead of the visit of US President Donald Trump.

His entourage also includes a giant convoy of cars including his bomb-proof vehicle 'The Beast', which is also bomb and chemical weapon-proof, which was also guarded by Britain's top armed counter-terrorism unit, CTSFO.

Several black Secret Service 4x4s took to the road with a police escort as part of the huge security operation.

The presidents motorcade, including enormous 4x4 vehicles - is pictured on the tarmac at Prestwick.

This giant and controversial Trump balloon showing the world leader in a nappy will be flying over London this weekend.

Activists from Stand Up to Racism Scotland (SUTR) are already outside at Trump Turnberry resort in South Ayrshire, ahead of the US president's arrival in the UK.

Barriers used to prevent terror attacks are also being set up to protect Donald Trump during his visit starting today.

Police are also guarding barriers installed at Blenheim Palace near Woodstock, Oxfordshire, where Donald Trump will dine this evening.

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