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2-Year-Old Baby Attacks A 9-Month-Old Baby At The Daycare (Photos)

Woman was running mad when he 9 months old baby girl was viciously attacked by a two year old who "sneaked" into her cot in the Nursery.

See what she said below:
FROM AN AGGRIEVED MUM: I got a phone call today saying my baby was attacked at the daycare. I just want to know how could a 2 year old climb in a crib & do all this “BY HIMSELF” to my 9 month old baby ?

HUH ??!!!!! Yu didn’t hear him SCREAM to the top of his lungs after the FIRST bite? THERES NO phyukING WAY HE SLEPT THROUGH THIS phyukING CHILD ATTACKING HIM! WHO THE phyuk RAISED THAT DEMON? My baby will NEVER look the same again! This is not right!

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