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Actor Big Val Jokotoye Exposes Instagram Scammer Who Makes N20K A Day, Shares Proof

Nollywood actor, Big Val Jokotoye has called out an IG scammer, who according to him makes 20k a day from begging online.

Big Val Jokotoye who shared a call out post on his Instagram, disclosed that the IG scammer blocked him after he offered to help her with her tailoring work. He wrote;

Please this lady here is an IG fraudster, she has done it to many people and i was her victim last week. She blocked me immediately I offered to help her with her tailoring work. I caught her with this new account @iyaaahmad and i sent her a dm, you can swipe to read her response boasting that she makes 20k daily
from scamming people on IG, she sent me screenshots of those she scammed before me. She has a particular @diamondbankngaccount she uses, please DON'T SEND ANY MONEY TO HER.

SCAM ALERT If you saw my last post please get this update. This is her new IG handle @hormowumi432 . She is using this to scam people with the same pictures, she gives a diamond bank account details, watch out for her. My team will always update you once she has a new account.

@_sarah_olatunji_ is her new account, don't let her scam you.
#saynotofraud #saynotoscammers


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