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CCTV Captures Moment A Fake Guest Stole A Staff's MacBook Pro At City FM (Photos)

A man who was invited as a guest at City 105.1 fm in Lagos today, was caught on camera stealing a Macbook pro belonging to the company. The CCTV footage from the company, shows the man briskly entering into one of the offices and taking away the Macbook.

A statement from the station reads:

This guest at City 105.1 FM who was there under false pretences, made
off with a macbook pro belonging to a member of our staff. If you have
any information, please kindly contact us. In the attached files below, you will find pictures and videos of the theif caught in the act by our CCTV cameras. He came in 8:47 am on Friday,17th of August, 2018.

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