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Electoral (Amendment) Bill 2018 Not Declined Presidential Assent - FG

The Electoral (Amendment) Bill passed by the National Assembly on July 24, 2018 and forwarded to Mr. President on August 3, 2018 ( 11 days ago) has not been declined Presidential Assent.

However, the Electoral Amendment Bill forwarded to Mr. president on June 27, 2018 to which Mr. President had reservations on account of technical and settled legal issues to which the attention of the National Assembly were drawn was declined Assent on July 26, 2018 in compliance with the constitutionally mandatory 30 days within Which Mr. President is to Assent or decline Assent.

Accordingly, there is before Mr President for consideration a valid and Subsisting Electoral Bill being considered in accordance with standard presidential operating processes relating to transmitted legislative measures.

Senator (Dr) ITA ENANG.
Presidential Liaison to the National Assembly- Senate.
[email protected]

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