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Four Places In Abuja Where You'll Find ‘Slay Queens’

Slay queens’ is a new breed of young women who are doing the unthinkable to get what they want.

Slay queens are becoming popular in major cities across Nigeria, Abuja being among them. However,
'slaying' is a personal choice and lifestyle and people should not be judged on what they choose to do
For Nigeria's capital, there are specific areas where these 'queens' frequently visit as they slay. These are their joints:

1. Theater/Movies

Slay queens like trending things and you will often spot them at movie theaters with their boyfriends or sponsors.
These kinds of women love attention will want to know what is happening in the movie industry, perhaps to pick some trends for their job.

2. Nightclubs
Slay queens love clubbing and entertainment.
You will often spot them at top entertainment joints dancing and having fun with their boyfriends or sponsors.

3. Restaurants

Slay queens like eating good food or having a pizza or ice cream.
You will often spot Abuja slay queens at fast food joints in town or top restaurants.

4. Music concerts

Slay queens love music mostly secular and will flock concerts where top artists are performing.
They flock these concerts with an aim of getting hooked up top officials or big boys who can take care of their expensive lives.

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