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Group Award Kwara Governor, Abdulfatai Ahmed As Worst In History

Kwara Must Change, a pro-Democracy group is using this opportunity to notify the general public that our movement shall be conferring an award of the worst governor in the history of Nigeria on his Excellency, Alhaji Abdulfatai Ahmed, the Executive Governor of Kwara State.

Kwara Must Change believe very strongly that only the people can truly rate the performance of an administration and without any iota of doubt, all Kwarans, including those serving in government are anonymous in their conclusion of the devastating failure of Abdulfatai Ahmed led government of Kwara State.

Apart from the absolute lack of leadership by the governor and his dummy like followership of a misguided godfather, evidences of misappropriation, endemic corruption, infrastructural degradation, educational decimation, poverty domestication, political irresponsibility, rascality of the highest order plus other shameful conducts of the governor are too numerous to mention.

We believe that such mind blowing failure needed to be symbolically recognized for the purpose of history, hence the need to confer on the governor, the award of worst Governor not only in the history of Kwara State, but also in the history of Nigeria.

Though, we are aware that Governor Ahmed’s suitability for the award of worst governor in the history of Nigeria is arguable, but most certainly, no one can debate about his undisputable qualification for the award of worst governor In the history of Kwara State.

In term of quality Education, It was under Governor Ahmed that Kwara Must Change discovered several schools across all senatorial district having only one staff, who doubles as head master, cleaner, teacher for all classes from primary 1-6 and teaching all subjects including English and Mathematics.

In term of Grassroot development, It was under Governor Ahmed that Kwara Must Change discovered that some Kwarans in Baruten Local Government are already claiming Benin Republic, not because they wanted to secede to another country, but because they have been totally abandoned in such a manner that they wonder if they are still a part of the state, because there is no road linking them to the rest of the state and they even go to Benin Republic for basic things such as medication because there is no hospital in the whole environment. In this same local government, there has never been electricity for the past 20years. The only time they came close to having electricity was between 1999-2003, when late Governor Alabi Lawal provided all necessary equipment, but upon assumption of office by his successor, all the project was shutdown.

In term of water supply, Under Governor Ahmed’s predecessor, Bukola Saraki, an almost completed water project by late Governor Lawal was halted and another water project was said to have been awarded for N4billion. After 8 years of Saraki administration without any drop of water, Governor Ahmed took over and also continued the imaginary water project, by re-awarding it for another N5billion in his first tenure. Till this day, after a combined N9billion wasted on a so called water project, the Governor is rounding up 8years tenure without any drop of water. The whole state, including the state capital cannot boost of having potable water.

In term of accessible motorable road across the state, Kwara Must Change had also toured the state and found no single state road that is motorable, except the road to the Government house. We had in the past challenged the state government to mention just one state road that is motorable, but even they could not. As it stands today, there is no one single road in Kwara state without pothole.

In term of Workers welfarism, it is no longer news that Kwara state pay the lowest salary in Nigeria, but to make matter worst, even the least salary is not being paid, including non-payment of sweepers salaries who earn maximum of N7000 per month. Just few weeks ago, the dignified sweepers marched in protest to call for public help in getting their 2 years salaries, state owned institution workers also protested last week due to none payment of over a year salary.

These are just the few examples we can cite due to space, but there are many more.

It is in recognition of the monumental failure of Governor Ahmed, that Kwara Must Change deemed it fit to honor the governor, with an award of the worst governor in the history and we hope to ensure this award is properly recorded in history as example to all bad leaders.

Details of the award program shall be made public very soon.

Abdulrazaq O Hamzat
Kwara Must Change

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