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Kanye West Surprises Kim Kardashian With ₦87 Million Mercedes Neon Gwagon (Pics)

Kanye West surprised wife Kim Kardashian with a VIP gift this weekend.

The social media beauty got quite the thrill on Saturday when her rapper/fashion designer love unexpectedly gave her a neon lime Mercedes Benz G-Wagon.

Mrs. Kardashian West, 37, was over the moon while sharing her $240k luxury SUV with her Instagram followers, telling everyone how she first fell in love with the car while driving the same make and model around Miami earlier this month.

The highlighter colored Mercedes Benz cost around $250k dollars.

Dream on! Kim Kardashian was given the 'truck of her dreams' by husband Kanye West on Friday'

Oh my gosh, I just got out of the gym and was surprised by this new baby,' she said, swooning over the car, 'I loved it so much in Miami and I kept on talking about it!

''Oh look who surprised me with this baby!' Kim said, panning the camera over to Kayne.

'You guys, I got the truck of my dreams because I was so excited in Miami,' she continued.

During Kim and Kanye's trip to Miami her highlighter-hued dress was so tight the rapper had to lift her up into the ride like a real-life princess.

After celebrating her new ride, she swooped over to sister Kylie's house.

The makeup mogul matched her older half-sister with her own orange G-Wagon sitting in the driveway.

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