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Lady Who Wrongly Accused Taxi Driver Of Theft Apologises

Justice, the Taxify driver who was accused of theft and fraud some days ago by a customer, has decided not to sue her anymore after she sent him an apology.

The lady named Agatha Grace accused Justice of fraud after she was charged 6,900 for a short trip from Aja to Lekki (read here ). Grace claimed Justice did not end the trip and continued to Surulere on her time. As a result, an exorbitant amount was deducted from her.

But Taxify has now resolved the issue, which is believed to have been a technical one, and Grace has gotten her money back.

She offered an apology to Justice in private but he initially asked that the apology be made public since he was disgraced publicly. He threatened to sue if she doesn't apologise publicly.

They eventually settled after Grace took down the post where she accused him.

Justice said that he was letting it go and will not sue her anymore based on advice he received from his pastor and people around him.

See the screenshots below;


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