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What Nigerians Think About Saraki Joining Presidential Race

There has been a lot of drama around Senate President Bukola Saraki. He recently decamped from the All Progressives Congress (APC) to the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) amidst controversy and announced interest to contest for presidency. Daily Trust sought the opinions of some Nigerians on his presidential ambition

Comrade Seiyefa Uzaka, Journalist, Bayelsa

Senate President Bokula Saraki is qualified to contest for the office of the president of Nigeria. He is a Nigerian citizen and nothing should hold him back. The decision to elect him rests on the people of Nigeria, and in the Nigerian constitution, the educational qualification for someone to contest for the office of the president is just the Senior Secondary School Certificate. So, for someone who is a medical doctor, which means that he is a degree holder, he is qualified to run for the office of president. If God wants him to be there, he will win and if God says no, he will not win.

Dr. Obuma Paul, Politician, Bayelsa
Bukula Saraki has been a leader in the senate and has done well, so Nigerians cannot rule out the fact that he can do well if he becomes the president. It is a good idea for him to aspire to rule this great country. It is a welcome development. I see him as a good material. If he comes on board, the difference will be clear, because for the period he has been president of the senate, he has done well. I think he is a principled man and will make a good president.

Abubakar Abba, 42, Communicator, Kaduna.
Saraki is just a joker, because many people in this country, especially the masses, even those in the village, know that he has been using his position as Senate President to cause confusion in the affairs of the executive arm. An example is the issue of delay in passing previous budgets, including his role in the delay of INEC funds for 2019 general elections. Many people in the northern part of the country will not vote for him.

Frank Olotu, 34, Politician, Bayelsa
Senate President Bokula Saraki is a good leader. He did well as a governor and he is doing well as a senate president. So, I see him as a very credible leader that can contest the 2019 presidential election. He is better than many leaders and presidents who have led this country, so he has the right to offer himself for the highest office if he becomes the flag bearer of the PDP. He will challenge the ruling APC and wrestle power from them during next year’s election. Besides, he is a young man who can work to put the economy of the country on a fast-growing track. He has the capacity to bring back the lost glory of our nation and handle the security challenges.

Muhammad Bin Ibrahim, 44, Journalist, Kaduna.
For me, Saraki is a victim of democracy. So, for that sole reason, and considering his competence to lead the senate harmoniously, he deserves to try his luck in the presidential race. This is why I support his move to run for president.

Eunice Nnachi, Journalist, Bayelsa
Dr. Bokula Saraki is a good leader. He will do well if given the opportunity to lead the country. He is a man of his words and in terms of academic exposure, he is a medical doctor who knows what Nigerians want. He is also smart and intelligent. That is what Nigerians want at the moment. He knows how to turn things around and has been able to hold the National Assembly together these past years, despite the storm. Such a person, when given the opportunity, will lead the country well.
In addition, if you look at his pattern, he always works for the good of the country. In 2014 for example, when the nation was facing challenges, he left his former party then and joined forces with APC that eventually brought onboard President Muhammadu Buhari. Now that he sees APC is not helping the economy of the nation, he has taken the destiny of the nation upon himself and pulled out again from APC to effect change for economic progress. So, I think he needs the support of Nigerians.

Tida Leo, 28, Development Worker, Kaduna
For me, Bukola Saraki is first of all a Nigerian who is eligible and fit to throw his hat in the ring for the presidency having served in the Senate despite all the court charges. He is also learned and very conversant with the Nigerian Constitution. And since he is now riding on the crest of his freedom from legal encumbrance, I support Bukola Saraki, knowing fully well that PDP has accepted him back and the race is for everyone. And at last, only one man will be president.

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