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ANN Presidential Aspirant, Olawepo Hashim To Deliver $4trillion Economy


ANN Presidential Aspirant, Olawepo Hashim will deliver $4trillion economy for Nigeria

Global Business Mogul and frontline presidential aspirant under the platform of Alliance for New Nigeria (ANN), Mr Olawepo Hashim has outlined his plan to create a $4trillion economy for Nigeria.

According to him, for Nigeria to get out of poverty, we need a $4trillion economy.

Currently, Nigeria’s GDP is a little above $400billion and when you have a small size GDP has we have to 180million Nigerians, there will be poverty, even if we have a saint in government and no cent is stolen, the size of the economy is too small to go round.

"In the years when we were excited about high oil price, Nigeria probably made less than $50billion from all those crude sells. In that same year in 2013, Disney World, a company that is marketing entertainment, cartoon, characters generated as much as $47billion". He said.

So, this brings us to the question, which presidential aspirant has the capacity to help Nigeria build a $4trillion economy and get us out of poverty?

The ANN Presidential Aspirant has outlined his plan to do so through a national economic development programme (nedp) in this video.

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