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Governor Umahi's Cement Technology Road In Ebonyi, 'The Most Durable Anywhere' (Pics)

Ebonyi state Governor, Engr. Dr. David Umahi, who has carved an exceptional niche for himself as an engineer by profession has successfully introduced what may be largely adjudged as the most DURABLE ROAD anywhere in Africa; called the CEMENT TECHNOLOGY ROAD construction.

This type of road built with cement, concrete and other materials is the very best in road construction, and its durability and warranty is meant to last as long as 50 to 60 years according to many renowned construction and engineering firms.

As you can see from the image, this type of road network with cement technology has been constructed across the 13 local govt of the state by Gov. Umahi's administration.

The roads are DURABLE, weather friendly, and highly qualitative.

Many state governors, including most of the governors of those reading and viewing the genius and signature road construction of Gov. Umahi in Ebonyi state can't boast of this type of quality roads in their state.

You don't need to doubt this or see it as propaganda, or blowing the whistle. Simply visit the new and very beautiful Ebonyi state and see things for yourself. Gov. Umahi don't do poo, he gives concrete RESULTS, and delivers on promises.

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