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Mind Blowing Highway Interchanges, Flyovers Around The World (Photos)

Interchanges are great, because unlike standard intersections, they allow free flow of intersecting roads rather than having to stop at traffic lights or roundabouts.

But sometimes interchanges can be extremely complicated with many junctions and even several levels (those are called stack interchanges).

Such a complicated interchange is sometimes nicknamed “Spaghetti Junction“.

Take a look at these photos of mind-blowing interchanges.

Judge Harry Pregerson Interchange, Los Angeles, California.

The intersection of Interchange 105 and Interchange 110.

Puxi Viaduct, Shangahi, China.

With six levels, this huge interchange of Nanbei Road and Yan’an Road is located in Puxi historic center of Shanghai.

Seattle: I-90 and I-5

Interchange in Chongqing, China containing five layers, 20 ramps and eight different directions.

The Central Motorway Junction, New Zealand State Highways 1 and 16, Auckland, New Zealand.

Tom Moreland Interchange, intersection of Interstate 85 and Interstate 285, Atlanta, Georgia, USA.

Abuja, Nigeria.

Lagos, Nigeria.

Nan Pu Bridge, China.

Salt Lake City's "spaghetti bowl", I-15 and I-80, Utah.

High 5 Interchange, Dallas, Texas.

Spaghetti Junction, Birmingham, UK

Highway 401, Toronto, Canada.

Yan'an East Interchange, Shanghai, China.

Highway intersection in Taichung, Central Taiwan.
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Four-level interchange on Interstate, Santa Monica Mountains, California, USA.
Four-level intersection in Anaheim, California, USA 

Modern City Guangzhou traffic overpass, Guangzhou, China.
Elevated interchange in Tianjin, China

A complex freeway interchange in Atlanta, Georgia, USA.

Highway access in Dubai, UAE.

Intersecting highways, near London, UK.

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