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Quick facts about today's election rerun in Osun State Governorship Election

Quick facts about the rerun:

1. Today, Thursday September 27 is the day for the rerun.

2. It will take place in seven different polling units across 4 local governments in the state.

The affected Local governments are
Ife North,
Ife south
Osogbo and
Orolu local government area.

Marginal win by PDP is 353

Registered voters in the 7 polling units is 3,498 voters INEC said.

statistics of each affected polling units

1. Orolu local government, the rerun will take place in three different polling units in two wards.

(A) Ward 8, Polling unit 001, 393 registered voters but 303 PVCs were collected.

(B) Ward 8, Polling unit 004, 387 registered voters but 353 PVCs were collected.

(C) Ward 9, Polling unit 3, 169 registered voters but 150 PVCs were collected.

2. Ife South local government, the rerun will take place in two different wards;

(a) Ward 7, Polling unit 12, 812 registered voters but 581 PVCs were collected.

(b) Ward 8, polling unit 10, 502 registered voters but 210 PVCs were collected.

3. Ife North Local Government area,

(A) Ward 10, unit 2, 353 registered voters but PVCs 320 were collected.

4. Osogbo Local Government area, the rerun will take place at
(A) Ward 5, Polling Unit 17 which has 884 registered voters but 677 PVCs were collected.

With the total of 2,637 PVCs collected in the seven polling units, these set of electorates will decide who will succeed the Rauf Aregbesola APC-led administration after eight years of governance.

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