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Raid On Edwin Clark’s Home Illegal, Officers Detained - Police

The Nigerian Police Force has claimed that the raid on Edwin Clark's home is illegal and the five persons involved in the “unauthorised” search conducted at the home of the prominent Niger-Delta leader, have been detained.

Police spokesperson Jimoh Moshood said in a statement Tuesday night that not only was the raid illegal, the Inspector-General Ibrahim Idris has ordered immediate apprehension of the four officers and an informant who were identified as having participated in it.

“The Inspector-General of Police is not aware and did not order the raid of the residence of the Elder Statesman, Chief Edwin Clark,” Mr Moshood said while reacting to the Vanguard’s version of the story.

“Consequently,” Mr Moshood said, Mr Idris directed the detention and investigation of those involved.

“The outcome of the investigation will definitely be made public,” he said.

Mr Clark, considered one of the most influential leaders of the Niger Delta was a major backer of ex-President Goodluck Jonathan who lost the 2015 election to President Muhammadu Buhari.

Mr Clark and other Niger Delta leaders, as well as some other Southern leaders, have since then been clamouring for a restructuring of the Nigerian federation.

In his reaction the to raid on his home, he wondered how a government would believe a 92-year-old man like him would stockpile arms and ammunition at home.

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