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What Lagos APC Should Learn From Osun Election

The lessons of the current outcome of Osun election are more poignant for Lagos All Progressives Congress (APC) actors than Osun political actors who will face a rerun on Thursday as announced by Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC).

APC would have kissed Osun goodbye today if not for Osogbo result that significantly downgraded Hurricane Ede. It would have been a kiss of death!

Electorates are getting more sophisticated and any electoral permutations that do not factor the voters' behaviour will deliver nothing.
Lagos APC chieftains are behaving like spoilt brats thinking they have Lagos in the Kitty and some guys in the name of a bloc within the party can take the voters in Lagos for granted.

Attempting to replace Ambode, a performing and sitting governor of Lagos who is APC poster boy for good governance may not be too good for Lagos APC with a Jimi Agbaje resurgence.

A Jimi Agbaje on the ballot for the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in Lagos can throw up the current scenario in Osun for Lagos in next year election.

Beyond the challenge from PDP in Osun, APC from field reports went to battle in Osun with a divided party. Lagos voters can punish APC next year if it turned out that vested interests who see governance as simply their personal interests can conspire to deny a governor a second term.

The Osun election result today should help the APC actors in Lagos to have some introspection and realign interests for the greater good of the party and the people of Lagos.

Osun just underscores the importance of credible candidate for both the APC and PDP. If PDP had presented Ogunbiyi there may have been a clear winner. If APC had presented a candidate without the baggage of Aregbesola too the outcome may have been different.

APC cannot afford to offend the voters in Lagos. There is already a growing resentment against the internal contradictions within the party. Whatever that suggests lack of respect for the electorates should be dropped now.
An Ambode will make Lagos an easy win for APC.

Ajayi is a Lagos-based political analyst

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