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World's Most Expensive Shoes Go On Sale For $23m

Visitors taking a closer look at what a Dubai-based shoemaker says is the world's most expensive pair of shoes, which has a whopping US$17 million (S$23 million) price tag.

 Design house Jada Dubai unveiled the pair - gold patent leather stilettos trimmed with sparkling diamonds set on white gold - at the Burj Al Arab hotel in Dubai on Wednesday.

 Each shoe features a crowning jewel: a round, 15 carat flawless D-diamond near the pointed toe. The one-of-a-kind shoes are a European size 36 (US 5.5, UK 3.5) and can be custom-made to the client's size - after he or she pays full retail price. Last year, a pair of heels made by British designer Debbie Wingham and valued at US$15.1 million was considered the world's most expensive.

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