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4 Great Ways to Enjoy the Marine Marvels of Miami

Looking for the perfect summer destination to get wet and wild? Miami is the ideal holiday destination for you. Nightlong ragers and day-long tanning sessions are not all that it is for you to enjoy in Miami. With the proximity to the ocean, Miami is a marine wonderland. Here are a few places in Miami you must visit to get a taste of the ocean.

Go to the Seaquarium
One of the oldest oceanarium in the country is still one of the best. Seaquarium is home to Lolita the killer whale, who puts on educational shows at various times during the day. You can spot Lolita from Miami helicopter charter flights. Apart from a killer whale, the Seaquarium is home to many more marine mammals like dolphins and manatees. You can enjoy sharing a swim with the dolphins in a safe and regulated environment. Friendly seals are also there ready for your up-close encounter. You can even enjoy a one on one encounter with a penguin. You can head to the touch pool and touch various marine animals. If you do not want to get wet, the well-designed enclosures can let you see the marine wildlife exist in their simulated natural habitat.

Visit Everglades National Park
There have been many disputes regarding Lolita the Killer whale, and some may avoid going to Seaquarium due to their ethical stances. If you do not want to see marine wildlife stuck in an enclosure, then you can go to the Everglades instead. The swampy national park is a wonderful sight from Miami helicopter charter flights. Apart from Miami helicopter charter flights, you can take airboat rides to tour the Everglades marshlands. You can spot a variety of animals from your airboat. Alligators and snakes are common sights. You might even get lucky and see a few Manatees. Everglades is also a bird watcher’s paradise. You can enjoy a unique marine biosphere at the Everglades.

Feed the Tarpons
The rich waters around Florida are perfect for fishing escapades. From gigantic Marlins to colorful Mahi Mahi, game fishing is big around the waters of Florida. If fishing is not your thing, you can still enjoy feeding giant fishes by visiting Tarpon feeding sites around Miami. Tarpons are gigantic fishes that jump out of the water to get hand-fed by people. Since the fishes are used to being hand fed, the moment you dangle a baitfish near the surface of the water they jump out to gently snap the fish out of your hands. It can be a thrilling and fun experience that one must try.

Visit Biscayne National Park
Many adventures are awaiting you at the Biscayne National Park. The park has a pristine marine ecosystem that you can enjoy during your visit. You can get a great view of the park when you take your Miami helicopter charter flights. To get a closer look, you can take a boat from Miami to the national park. Once you reach the national park, you can get close to the marine wildlife and coral reef. Dives and fishing trips to the park is a perfect way to spend the day.

You do not need to stay away from the coast to enjoy your holiday in Miami.

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