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An Open Letter To Bishop David Oyedepo On Canaan City Project - By Joshua Nwafor

Dear David O. Oyedepo,

It is with deep sense of regret, pain and hopelessness that I write this letter.

I wish to appeal to you to come to our aid as we have exhausted all options due to the fact that some pastors within your organization might be sabotaging your works and ministry.

Last year October, 2017, a man called Mr. Divine who has been good to my brother when he had no one to turn to approached my brother in order to secure funds that could allow him supply blocks for the Canaan City project. Due to the help my brother had received from Mr Divine years ago such as feeding and accommodation, he decided to help even though he didn't have the money.

My brother went to meet a woman who assisted him with loans for his business on which he has always paid back when due. The woman, a staff of UBA who also once headed the UBA branch situated inside Canaan Land, on the good record of my brother, gave N2,000,000 (Two Million Naira) as a loan to pay back N2,500,000 within a stipulated time.

For easy identification in case you stumble on this letter, I will give the name of the pastor involve.

Mr Divine, on receiving the loan of N2,000,000 proceeded to start making the blocks to supply Pastor Edwin of Winner's Chapel, Sango Ota for the Canaan City Project.

Having waited for so long to get back the money that my brother gave to Mr Divine, he requested for the money and that was when Mr Divine explained that he hasn't been paid. This went on for several months with no result.

So on the 26th of September 2018, my brother informed me that Mr Divine told him that funds has been released to contractors (which Pastor Edwin is a member) handling the Canaan City Project. We were ecstatic that it will be soon be over. However, our joy was short lived when after a few days, money still hadn't been paid to Mr Divine by Pastor Edwin.

We had to start mounting pressure on Mr Divine to make effort in order to get the money from Pastor Edwin because the woman who gave the loan had started threatening my brother since it was almost a year she gave the money. He was subsequently arrested because of this and I had look for money to bail him out on the promise that we will retrieve the money.

At that point, it has been series of stories from Pastor Edwin. When he discovered that Mr Divine was not yielding, he sent a fraction of the money owed. About 1.3M plus is still being owed.

On 8th of October 2018, Mr Divine, being the Chairman of the street where the Canaan City Project is situated held a meeting, alongside other persons. After the meeting, he (Mr Divine) tabled the issue of the money owed by Pastor Edwin to Pastor Tokunbo (I heard he is the project manager of the Canaan City Project). After all explanations, Pastor Tokunbo told Mr Divine that he has paid all money owed to Pastor Edwin for the works done so far and he is not owing him (Pastor Edwin) any money. On same day, Mr Divine, at about 10 PM called Pastor Edwin, threatening to report him. That was when he (Pastor Edwin) promised to see him next day which is 9th of October, 2018 but he never did.

We also discovered that the Pastor Edwin also use the Canaan City Project to do same with some other persons as a certain man narrated his ordeals with Pastor Edwin to us. Therefore, it is safe to conclude that Pastor Edwin is using the Canaan City project as a front to defraud people. We also found out he is a pastor at the Winner's Chapel HQ Sango Ota.

Presently, my brother's relationship with the woman who gave the loan is in jeopardy, his own business is starved of funds because his lifeline has been terminated which translate to the fact that he can't get help from the woman. I only got to know about this problem when I approached my brother on a brilliant business idea that could dramatically transform our lives as a family and the only source (the woman) that could have helped us with money can't do so because of this same problem. That means we are completely frustrated, stagnated and hopelessly helpless.

We (Myself, Mr Divine and my brother) were at your office today (9th of October, 2018) to try to discuss this same issue with your son (David Oyedepo Jr) as we perceived no other persons among your rank and file can help us. It wasn't long that we arrived had he stormed out of his office, probably to attend to something urgent somewhere. We were still waiting for him to return when you (Bishop David O. Oyedepo) arrived in your usual white outfit. I was among those who greeted you as you waved at us and minutes later, you laid your hands on girl who came with her mother.

All effort to reach your son today (9th of October) proved abortive after we had explained what we came for. The man on duty wouldn't let us. Instead, the man that attended to us promised to call Pastor Edwin on phone to speak to him and also give us feedback but as the time of writing this, 10:34pm we never got any response from him. Whether they are shielding Pastor Edwin for whatever reasons, I have no idea.

This is a clear case of using Canaan City Project for dubious activities. Pastor Edwin is a chronic serial liar and manipulator from all indications. Our case might just be one out of many, soiling the good name you have built over the years.

We therefore urge you to summon Pastor Tokunbo and Pastor Edwin for further investigation. You can ask Pastor Edwin if he knows any Mr Divine, he can't deny this. Mr Divine is the Chairman of the street where the Canaan City Project is situated.

But I am appealing to you to come to our aid and help us sir. We are hopeless and helpless at this stage. This is the only way we can reach you because I STRONGLY believe you will get to read this from here since coming to your office will be resisted.

Thank you in anticipation.

Joshua Nwafor

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