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Nigerian Comedian, Sirbalo Stabbed By His Togolese Gateman (Photos)

Mr Timothy Obotuke, a budding comedian using the stage name Sirbalo is still thanking God after surviving an horrific attack carried out by his gateman.

Sirbalo in a recent chat with Olushola Ricketts said he only challenged his Togolese gateman to stop tampering with their electricity on the day he was attacked.

Here is how he narrated his ordeal:
“It was just a little misunderstanding, but the gateman didn’t understand pidgin language. He was always tampering with our electricity and I felt I should caution him on that particular day. He had burnt my phone chargers many times. When I moved closer to him and said it was the electricity that would kill him, he thought I said I would kill him. He got angry and stabbed me in the chest.”

“He was asked to go back to Togo. As I speak to you, I am still recovering. For about 30 minutes after I was stabbed, I was still okay. But later, I became weak and I found myself in the hospital when I opened my eyes.

“The only issue we had with him was the habit of tampering with electricity. We lost a computer to this issue. I was even paid for an advert I needed to deliver on that day; so, I was angry when I saw that he was tampering with the electricity.”
The comedian said he is yet to gather the strength required to shoot his comedy skits.

More photos below....


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