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Pastor Tunde Bakare's Prophecy About Nigeria's Messiah From Adamawa

Pastor Tunde Bakare sometime in 2002 prophesied that Nigeria messiah will come from Adamawa.In his words '‘Here comes Nigeria Messiah, the tender plant, the Man from Adamawa’.

After critical examination of the Nigerian situation and the seemingly never ending cries of marginalization, unemployment and low Foreign Direct Investments in Nigeria, he took the stage long before now to sound the drums of a way forward- he told all that cared to know that restructuring will be the beginning of our collective recovery, change and prosperity as a nation but only a messiah can see that, much less speak about it publicly for restructuring is not exactly a popular topic because it undermines selfish stakes but the tender plant has a ‘messiahship’ ambition.

Let me state that one doesn’t need rocket science to agree with Atiku’s restructuring call because restructuring will ensure states or regions as the case may be focused and channeled their resources into developing their own natural resources.

Can you stop for a moment and imagine what it would be like if we had 10 natural resources harnessed in commercial quantities with equivalent forex generation like crude oil does to Nigeria with comparative advantage in our favor?

If that were to happen, Nigeria would be way better for it but our over dependence in Oil will not allow our State Actors and Managers see the need. How saddening. I only thank God that some notable Nigerians are already queuing behind the tender plant from Adamawa to request for restructuring of our nation.

Having said these, you would see that Tunde Bakare may not have been wrong when he so prophesied. It is likely we have been looking for the Tender Plant in the wrong places when he has always been before our very eyes. But I think that it is important for us to go to ask Atiku Abubakar, (like John the Baptist did when his believe in the Messaiahship of Jesus waned for a little bit) ‘Are you the Messiah? Or should we expect another?

Could the Emergence of Atiku as PDP candidate bring the prophecy to pass?

Time will tell.

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