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Plan To Dump PDP: Deji Adeyanju "Exposes" Fayose, To "Expose" Others

Deji Adeyanju has threatened to expose 'PDP members who collected money to destabilize PDP'.

See what he wrote on Twitter:

"There are people who have collected major money and who want to distract and divide the VOTES of the opposition to ensure Buhari win 2nd term but we will not allow that to happen.

At the right time, I will expose them."

Deji alleges that Fayose wants to leave PDP because he wanted to be Tambuwal' VP. He wrote:

"Because Fayose’s plan to be VP didn’t work and their plan failed, he’s now making noise.

Fayose wants to be VP to Tambuwal. That’s why he’s doing Boy-Boy to Wike."

Meanwhile, Adeyanju earlier made an expose on Fayose over Senator Adeleke, Osun Election, South-West and APC in the video below. Watch and state what you think about the expose. Link what he alleged in the video to Fayose's alleged threat today.

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