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Turkish Muslims Have Been Facing The Wrong Direction To Pray For Decades

Imam discovers worshippers at his mosque in Turkey have been praying in the wrong direction for 37 YEARS

*Muslims should kneel towards Mecca but they were 33 degrees out

*Celestial flaw noticed after 37 years by new imam

*White lines painted on the floor to point the faithful in the right direction

The mosque in Sugoren in the country's west was built incorrectly in 1981, the Hurriyet Daily News reported.

The new imam Isa Kaya, 24, addressed rumours of the design flaw and consulted with local muftis, the village elders.

The muftis said the Mihrab, a niche built into the Mosque's wall to indicate the direction of Mecca, was facing the wrong way.

It is thought that the mistake was a relic from the old mosque so villagers may have been praying in the wrong direction for many more years.

The faith says that prayers should be directed towards the Kaaba which sits at the centre of Islam's most sacred site in Mecca, Saudi Arabia.

As a temporary solution Mr Kaya laid down arrows of white tape to point his flock right, the Hurriyet Daily News said.

'We have explained the situation to our congregation and most of them have reacted positively to our solution,' the imam told Demiroren News Agency on October 17.

Their prayers, which are said five times a day, are now being said as the Quran instructs.

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