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Wife In Trouble After Doing This To Her Drunk Husband Who Slept In The Toilet

A woman is fighting for her marriage after accusing her husband of threatening her with divorce constantly. The unnamed woman claimed that whenever they have an issue, her husband collects the documents of his car and houses and leaves home with them while threatening her that her properties would be thrown outside.

The woman who alleged that her husband drinks too much and cheats on her, accused him of once passing out in the toilet after coming back home drunk one day. She snapped a picture of him in the drunken state and sent to his friend so that he could talk to her husband.

This move angered her husband who scolded her and in the process, she slapped him first despite everyone blaming her for sending the picture to his friend.

The woman shared her domestic problem with human rights activist, Emeka Ugwuonye, in a bid to secure her marriage following the divorce threats.

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