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'Yes I'm Ugly, I'm Rocking My Ugliness!' - Nigerian Lady (Photos)

London based Nigerian Vlogger, Shade Ebonylips has warned Tunde Ednut to tell those people on #teamtundeednut that she is not their role model, that even their favourite role models don’t have anything to offer them.

This is coming after Tunde shared her videos on his Instagram page.

"Don't call me role model, I no be anybody role model, because na me go tell you go fight in public, na me go tell you say make you no fart, fart de smell. Nobody is your role model, na you be your own role model. All the people you de call role model, how many of them don help you? De no go help you because they want make you suffer the way dem suffer before they made it in life.

Yes I am ugly, I am rocking it, I like it, I like the way I am. You wey ugly pass me, that's why you no fit get a man...."

The way she pronounces role 'model' is funny!

Is she really ugly or is she exaggerating it?

She Rocks her Love Machine and teaches women how to take care of their Vaginas

See reactions.

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