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Lady Raped & Battered By Husband Runs To Lagos State Government For Help (Photos)

A Nigerian lady has ran to the Lagos state government after her husband's continual battery and rape even after she underwent C-section!

Twitter user, Morris, took to the social media platform to share the story, he wrote:
This woman was seen today at the Office of the Public Defender, Surulere.
Her husband beats her with a chain (YES A CHAIN) anytime they have a misunderstanding.
She is traumatized.
Her parents still advise her to stay in marriage
Pls she needs help, anyone know welfare linkUPDATE: Her husband smashed her phones and she is unable to reach anyone for assistance.. She also has head injuries.
I have to leave....
She is with her neighbor right now. You can reach her on 08027803088
Public Defender are not doing much.ANOTHER UPDATE: She has revealed that she had a C-section and was continually raped by her husband without it even healing.
How do you forcibily sleep with a woman that just did C-section?
I would need that welfare link on this right away...

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