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Man Who Raped 9-Year-Old Girl In Ondo Breaks Down In Tears As He Is Taken To Court (PHOTOS)

When we human do despicable and unprintable things, we are fast to blame the devil as the initiator of our actions.

Here is one of such men.

A man who saw the poverty of the family of a poor little girl and not only defiled her, but forcefully had canal knowledge of the poor girl. In clear terms he raped her.

A Nigerian identified as Oluwatoyin was in court today to represent Arabinrin Betty Anyanwu-Akeredolu , who has picked interest in the case. Dr Thomas-Wilson Ikubese,who inform them of the case was equally there.
So was a lawyer from NBA , Ondo state branch, who has decided to ask the Ministry of Justice to allow it represent the little girl of nine.The ministry of women affairs, child development section, equally sent in their personnel.
The case has been transferred to The family court.
Akinlaja Friday,the rapist was pictured shedding tears as he was taken to court.


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