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Nigerian Migrants Caught Extorting Parking Fee From Motorists In Italy (Photos)

Two Nigerian men have landed in trouble for allegedly extorting money from motorists recently in Busto Arsizio city in Italy.

The migrants were caught on camera collecting money from motorists to park their cars in a parking space which is meant to be free. The men also made fun and mocked the person who was filming them.

According to reports, the men were reported to the authorities who have  taken action as the Nigerians have been sacked from their work.

Some months ago, some Italians took to Facebook to lament over Nigerians and other Africans who are finding it difficult to abide by the rules in their country (Italy).

The outrage by the Italians followed after an African migrant assaulted a female official after she asked him for his ticket at a metro station in Rome, the country’s capital city.



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