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Soldiers Massacre: Reno Omokri Shares Buhari's Throwback Tweet

It Appears Reno Omokri is having none of the explanations provided by Buharis handlers as regarding the massacre of Nigerian soldiers by Boko Haram which the adminiatration earlier tried to cover up.

He just shared a throwback tweet by Buhari in which the current President accused President Jonathan Of ignoring deaths. Reno wrote
"Read @MBuhari’s 2015 tweet accusing @GEJonathan of ignoring the deaths of soldiers killed by Boko Haram because of elections and retweet this if you agree that President Buhari is the greatest hypocrisy of all time.

Buharis 2015 tweet read :

" it is unacceptable to ignore or minimize the death of citizens because of election. It is heart breaking. things must change"

Unfortunately Buhari who promised before the elections to lead the fight against Boko Haram from the front has been cought severally doing thesame thing he criticized others of doing. Despite several claims by Lai Mohammed and the president Boko Haram continues to wreck havoc.

Just this week Channels reported that the army refuted the reports on the massacre of our soldiers until Reno, Salkida and Foreign media provided irrefutable evidence that over 150 of our ill equipped but patriotic service men loss thier lives in a cruel manner to terrorists. 
Insecurity and the welfare of IDP remains a huge problem in the North East, this has been compounded by fraudulent activities Buhari administration officials like Osibanjo and Babachir who have been accused of embezzling IDP funds with reckless abandon.

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