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Student 'Runs Mad' After Stepping Down From A Lexus SUV In Ogun State (PHOTOS)

A young lady allegedly used for money ritual by internet fraudsters, popularly known as yahoo boys has ran man in Ijebu Ode, Ogun state.

In a video now going viral on social media, the young lady can be seen covered in dirt and speaking incoherently.
According to reports, the lady ran mad after she got down from a Lexus jeep, drawing assumptions that she must have been used by ritualist.

Sharing the video on popular social media, Twitter, @honey_blackie wrote;
When they say stay with your broke boyfriend,ladies won’t listen…Guys are desperate ladies beware…This happened today at Ijebu-ode after she got down from a Lexus jeep
Another Twitter user @manlikeDee1 wrote;
I just saw a video of a very young beautiful girl. According to what I saw, she’s at Ijebu Ode. Unfortunately, she’s mad and has been used by ritualist or yahoo boys.
Few weeks back, I tweeted about a young girl I saw at Jakande roundabout which was also mad.

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