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Tania Omotayo Defends Her Husband From Ex-Girlfriend Drama

Wizkid's ex-girlfriend, Tania Omotayo who just got married two weeks ago has reacted to rumours that there is trouble in paradise, as her husband had promised another lady marriage before her.

Well according to the fashion designer, their is no trouble in her own paradise.

There are screenshots of an Instagram account allegedly belonging to her husband, Olasumbo Winfunke, slamming one of his ex girlfriends who has been making attempts to 'spoil' his marriage to Tania.

The IG account shared footage of the ex-named Tolu cheating on him numerous times before his engagement to Tania.

Well, according to Tania, he has no Instagram account, but the page says different.

Is this drama not too early? Like, they are barely married!

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