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Woman Thought She Was Pregnant But See What Was Removed From Her Stomach (Graphic)

This is what was removed from the stomach of a woman who thought she was pregnant, not knowing she had fibroid

According to the woman based in Uyo, Akwa Ibom state, it hasn’t been an easy journey for her because she thought she was pregnant with child.

She revealed that having to deal with the loss of 3 children to different medical conditions wasn’t easy for her as a mother but the sight of the protruding stomach brought back a little bit of hope.

For almost 2 years nothing happened and she had to go to the hospital to check up and run scan. It was during these scan that she was told that she wasn’t pregnant but had Fibroid.

They spoke to her about the symptoms and she realised that she's had this thing for more than 7 years without knowing what it was.

She disclosed that her devastation was indeed unbearable because her husband had left her insinuating that what she was carrying in her stomach was the reason for his misfortunes in life.

The woman has undergone a successful surgery and the fibroids removed.


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