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Audi Launches It’s First Proper Electric Car

Audi launches its first proper electric car, The electric car which is been designed from the ground up to be powered by electrons: the Audi e-tron. We got our first good look at a flashy launch event in San Francisco this past September, and now we’ve finally had a chance to drive it. After 24 hours on plane after plane, we put the e-tron through its paces on and off the roads. Along the way, we confirmed some of our preconceptions about this new BEV and busted others.

The look is slightly aerodynamic, Total power and torque output is 355hp (265kW) and 413lb-ft (561Nm) in normal conditions, which can increase to 402hp (300kW) and 490lb-ft (664Nm) for short bursts—about eight seconds—when the e-tron is in its sportiest setting. (The front motor is rated at 168hp at 182lb-ft (125kW at 247Nm), boosted to 181hp and 228lb-ft (135kW and 309Nm), the rear normally provides 188hp (140kW) at 232lb-ft (314Nm) but can boost to 221hp (165kW) and 262ft-lbs (355Nm).Above the battery cells, is another aluminum cover, then the battery junction box at the front, and another set of three more battery modules at the rear. The battery is rated at 95kWh with a nominal voltage of 396V. That gives the e-tron a WLTP-determined range of 248.5 miles (400km), although Audi is still waiting for the more accurate EPA rating to be determined.

The pack is warrantied for eight years or 100,000 miles, and Audi says it is guaranteed to maintain at least 70 percent of its capacity at the eight-year mark.

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