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Five Deceptions Of Social Media

According to Merriam Webster dictionary, social media is the forms of electronic communication (such as websites) through which people create online communities to share information, ideas, personal messages among others.

Particularly, this post is directed towards our relationship with others and our personal human nature. No doubt, the importance of social media cannot be over stressed from business, job opportunities, ideas and lots more. However, this post brings to you five things social media is doing to is without being oblivious about them.

So now, relax on your sofa or anything comfortable for you, get a cookie or popcorn and a bottle of cold drink as you surf through the points. Happy moments!

SPACING BETWEEN PEOPLE: yeah, yeah, yeah. I know you'll begin to wonder the oxymoron here comparing the advantages of SM to this point. It is worthy to note that, the relationship with different people varies depending on how close we are or more interaction we engage in. The cold truth is most times we replace SM with giving people a phonecall, visiting them or even texting them via their mobile line. You may not totally subscribe to this opinion but chats can't fully replace these things with the exception of video call to some extent.

Even if you communicate regularly via chats, calling them at a frequency that is determined by your closeness is very germane just like visiting as the same reason above. Quite a number of people at least the little that I know rely basically on SM to send a good number of their messages and even the important ones like anniversary, birthday, wedding, and a variety of congratulatory messages only via SM. Also, like I said, this may be a function of how close we are to the person in question.

Now I can read your mind trying to weigh yourself on this, I wish you ease as you try to adjust.

MASKING WITH EMOJIS: oh I know what's coming to your mind right away. The favourite emoji you use to either ignore, engage, or show your mood. I also have my favourite ones too but I'll keep that for now. You know what?, Emojis can be deceiving in some cases. The kind of emoji used by people may not necessarily display their mood in reality. Just like in communication, verbal and nonverbal expression needs to be connected to a large extent.

Even with depression affecting a quite number of people these days, they tend to use some of this for cover up which may worsen matters except people see and relate with them often to know what they are going through and help them out. However, there are times when the usage is genuine.

FAKING CONFIDENCE: Do you remember the..., well I'd say quite popular Maclean's advert with the mantra "I got my confidence back". A number of people may show confidence via SM with the way they text but in reality they are as timid as a snail (but wait, is a snail actually timid?) Now the question is whose fault is it? They have seen SM as a new world which is virtual and forgotten the actual one they live in which is the real. This kind of people are referred to as textrovert. Fine, some are naturally shy which is a good character and doesn't mean they are not confident. Those kind of people also exhibit it to a large extent on SM because it's their nature.

Also some individuals are garrulous on SM. They say almost anything, using the opportunity of not seeing the other person except in a video call. However in reality, they can't even near bit of their acrobatic texts, comments or posts on SM in speech. It sometimes gives people the opportunity to say things (positive/negative) to people they can't ordinarily tell when they see. So, If you have been speaking confidently on SM, don't end it there, take it to the real world too.

PRIVACY UNBOXED: there are quite a number of people that their entire life is a function of SM. Every single moment of their life will be captioned there even if they just met with their spouses (and this is not based on assumption). This no doubt must have been seen or observed in some of our friends, celebrities amongst other categories. Our whole life should not be a national news that should be read like punch newspaper where people know every now and then, actions and inactions, success and failures about us amongst others.

Don't get this twisted, I am a fan of you celebrating yourself when you achieve a feat but my point here is making the SM a full glimpse into every part of our lives. In case you forgot, according to my faith, there are evil eyes which are real and one's life may be in jeopardy by their actions, so hold tight to what ever you believe in. I am not trying to be fetish here but the reality of life.

TIME FUNERAL: Whether we accept it or not, there is quite number if minutes to hours we spend in SM everyday for various things depending on individual and what we do. This is particularly a problem for those that are not disciplined. However there are some whose daily work demands their presence on SM almost every time and in return, they make money from it as well. For some, they use it to add value to others, improving their lives amongst other positive things. But for those who do not fall into this category, we need to be conscious about our time spent on SM depending on our personal schedule.

As much as one can get involved with reasonable discussion and trends, one can also get entwined with those that are obnoxious.

Dear readers and friends, I hope these points are worth noting and have in a way impacted. Do have a lovely SM interaction and leave us a comment as desired.

Much love!


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