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Lady Accused Of Abandoning Her House Help At A Restaurant Speaks

Yesterday, a report was made about a family that abandoned their house girl at a restaurant..

In the viral video, the house girl was seated at a corner looking at the family as they were enjoying their Christmas...

A lady assumed to be the wife, has debunked the story and tagged it a fake news. She didn't only tag it a fake news, but equally placed a curse on the person that propagated the fake news..

Read what she wrote below...
My notice have been brought to a post trending in this platform about a family that separated their house girl, just for clarity sake, i don't know the girl in the picture and video, I went their with my family , I don't have a house maid.

Whoever has done that, may the person never see anything good in the coming year except you apologise and make it clear the news was fake...

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