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Pastor Kumuyi Worships At Dunamis 100,000 Seater Auditorium (Pictures)

Yesterday being the 30th of November 2018 was the Grand finale of the Kingdom power and glory world conference 2018 that held at the Dunamis International Gospel Center newly built 100,000 seater auditorium. The conference has graced the presence of several ministers around the world.

Yesterday which was the grand finale of the program was a vigil. It started from 9:00pm and ended some minutes past 4am today.( I watched on my TV from the beginning till the end)
Pastor W.F Kumuyi was present and he ministered actively in the program from start till finish alongside Pastor Paul Eneche.

Guess what? The auditorium was filled up and people in their hundreds had to sit outside the main auditorium.
Check out the pictures

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