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The Notch Is Dead ! Checkout The New Trend In Smartphone Designs (PHOTOS)


At the point when Apple began making notch screen phone, no one realized it would turn out to be so well known to the point where pretty much every major smartphone producer was making phones with notch screen design. It would appear that that notch screen drift is dead and think about who killed it ? SAMSUNG ! Truly, Samsung is one of the handful few of phone organizations that never pursued the notch design. Presently Samsung has invented the new design and it's known as the "Hole screen". Some may call it "Hole in the screen" design or camera hole design, however you like, simply realize that there's an hole in it. The hole in the screen will house the selfie camera and possibly, the speaker.

Be that as it may, the first smartphone that will use this new "hole design" is the all new SAMSUNG GALAXY A8s set to be unveiled on the 10th of December this year. The second phone to include this design will be the HUAWEI NOVA 4 set to dispatch on the 17th of December this year. While the Samsung Galaxy A8s hole will be on the right side of the screen, the Huawei Nova 4 gap will be on the left side. I think Samsung has at last discovered the most ideal method for disposing of the phone "notch". This is the reason they are the main smartphone producer on the planet. Huawei is tailing them intently.

Therefore, other phone makers like VIVO and OPPO has attempted to dispose of the notch by delivering the "pop-up selfie-camera" phone plan. Many individuals did not so much purchase that thought of having a pop-up camera. The reason is that the phone may fall and the camera system will get damaged. The reason I cherish this new hole in the screen configuration is on the grounds that it's extremely pleasant to look at. It adds to the magnificence of the smartphone. It advantageously expels that monstrous notch from the screen of the phone.

This is a reminder to other phone producers, for example, TECNO, INFINIX, XIAOMI and other android makers. If they continue producing the notch screen design in 2019, it implies they're not serious. Perhaps iPhone will pursue this new design in future. I never truly liked that notch. This is the new pattern and it's better. I know the smartphone industry is progressing at a moderate pace as far as innovation is concerned.

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