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We Can't Celebrate Jesus Enough - Abdulrazaq Hamzat

If Jesus Christ wasn't born today as some people claim and using that to justify their decision not to celebrate Christmas, i am now asking them, when was Jesus born and do they celebrate him on that day?

For me, i celebrate Christmas with all our Christian friends celebrating it today and i wish everyone happiness during this holiday season.

If you are celebrating Jesus on another day, please notify me to join the celebration.

We can't celebrate Jesus enough.

Christmas is a period of joy and happiness for majority of our people and even if you think Jesus wasn't born today to warrant any celebration, share in the joy and happiness of our people.

Human joy and happiness is worth celebrating

So, here is to wish you all a Merry Christmas, a blessed season and a prosperous New Year ahead.

Abeg, if you have people who don't celebrate Christmas, please send me the gift on their behave.

I do celebrate Christmas. I do celebrate double Christmas. I also do celebrate multiple Christmas. In other words, for every person who don't celebrate Christmas, i celebrate Christmas on their behave, so let me receive the gift on their behave also.

You see ehnn, the Lord who has seen you through this 2018 will surely perfect your ways in 2019 and beyond.

His blessings shall abide by you all the way.

Happy Christmas
Abdulrazaq O Hamzat

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