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A Soldier Falls Again In Maiduguri. See Touching Chat Between Him & His Friend (Pix)

A young gallant soldier falls.

Nigeria is the only country men and women join the military or police because of unemployment.

When they finally join there is no motivation or drive from their superiors.

Our Young men and women are dieing I the North East.

Visit our mammy markets and Army barracks at night.

You will see our so call generals with pot bellies eating fresh fish and fair lapped ladies seating on their laps.

Buhari an ex military general who should re-organize the army and show that if he is insulted in economic matters, he shouldn't fail on insurgency.

Our Soldiers are dieing in thousands.

The media is silent. Morale is dieing in our soldiers. Is there hope for this nation.?
Hi guys, this is Ifeanyi Oseh, popular known as Fly G by his comrades. He was killed on Saturday as his unit fought Boko Haram.

I've been scared and in tears and let me tell you why. Thread! ���

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