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I Support Federal Government's Probe Of Justice Onnoghen, Says Robert Clark


He said:

"I have been PRACTICING LAW for over 50 years now, I don't THINK I have up to $10,000 in my foreign account. Where did CJN get $900,000, if not CORRUPTION"
-Robert Clarke, S.A.N

"The Supreme Court in Nigeria today is the most overworked court in the whole world, a self inflicted injury on them by themselves"

"For instance why should they take up jurisdiction on petitions on Gubernatorial matters"
- Robert Clarke, S.A.N

"The question on corruption is the brain work of politicians and a such the politicians have been corrupting judges in cases involving political matters"
-Robert Clarke, S.A.N

"Why is Onnoghen running to a Federal High Court to get an injunction to stop his trial when in 2013 he delivered a Supreme Court landmark judgement that for matters pertaining to CODE OF CONDUCT the CCT is the highest court in that matter"

-Robert Clarke, S.A.N

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