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Level 16 Workers In Kwara Earn N71,000 - Kwara Must Change Group

From my inbox:

Civil Servants in Kwara State has no fixed salary.

Greetings and happy new year .

I wish to share my experience while on holiday in Kwara state.

Saraki has reduced the lifes of Kwara civil servants into servitude. A level 16 officer who has spent 6 years on the grade receives N71250.31k.

No director receives N100000 in the state. I was shown alerts of salary of this officer Sometimes he will receive about 60k in another month he will get 70k. He told me that he stopped recording his salary shortfall since two years ago and he has calculated about 4m owed him

About 3 weeks ago when saraki suffered humiliating defeat he now realised he owed workers about 11 eleven months and promised to pay and uptill this moment he has not honoured the pleadge.

The civil Servants had come together to place a curse on those who will vote for pdp in 2019 even if he pays.

Again the Kwara must change has identified all his past rigging villages and i will share this tomorrow.

It wishful thinking for pdp to win kwara and i doubt if pdp will win any seat in the state.

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