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Physique Of Cameroon Miners Who Dive Under River To Collect Sand For Living (Pics)

These incredible photographs show the the sculpted physique of workers who do one of the most dangerous jobs on earth.

The buff divers plunge deep into a fast-flowing river to scoop up sand from the bottom 20 feet below.

The muscular African tribesmen regularly risk their lives diving to the river bed to collect sand for the building industry.


These miners work by collecting huge quantities of wet sand at the bottom of the Wouri River each time they dive to the bottom.

The miners usually wear swimming trunks and gloves for the job in the Wouri River.

One of the workers is pictured unloading sand.


 Artisanal miners in Cameroon who dive to the bottom of the Wouri River to collect sand to transport up river for use in construction.

Wouri is a river stream, where the miners work in southwestern Cameroon whose estuary on the Atlantic Ocean is the site of Douala, the country’s major industrial centre and port.

The canoes are often filled full of sand by the end of the day and the divers often have to scoop water out of the large canoes.

The whole group of divers (pictured below) get to work on the canoes which they will jump off of to retrieve the sand from the depths of the river.


'Some divers drown when they misjudge the location of the hull of the boat and get knocked out when they surface and bang their heads.

'At night this is particularly dangerous because no one can see them in the dark and they can get washed away by the tides.

'Other divers suffer from bleeding from the ears and noses and eyes due to the depths they are working at and sand often ingresses through those cavities.'


The boats all lined up and ready to go home after a successful day at work on the Wouri River in Cameroon, central Africa.

The work is often dangerous and there is at least one casualty a year on the river as divers often misjudge the location of the hull of the boat and become injured.


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