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Pretty Lady Willingly Gives Her Body To Handsome Guy, Offers To Be His Side Chic

Gone are the days when women see a guy they like and keep it to themselves without letting the guy know
about it.

These days, some ladies don't wait for guys to toast them, they now do the wooing through 'green light'. Unlike what is obtainable in the past where only guys do the wooing.

This young, beautiful lady saw the hot pictures this South African guy shared on Twitter and she went gaga.

The beautiful lady couldn't control her feelings for the young handsome man. She willingly offered her body to the guy. She offered to be his side chic.

She wrote:

"If you run out of things to bang, I’m here."

The tweet got people talking. Many hailed her for her boldness in 'toasting' the guy.

What do you think about such boldness from the beautiful lady?

Ladies, can you do what she did? If no. Why?

Guys, what would be your reaction if a lady outrightly told you this?

See more photos of the pretty, bold girl and those of the guy that made her go gaga...

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